Jennifer Aniston has been in Hawaii for about a month or so working on Murder Mystery 2 with Adam Sandler. She was photographed boarding a private jet so it looks like they’ve wrapped on that location but I have read that the film will involve other locations (like Paris) so they may not be totally done with production, although it’s possible that she does have a few days off and can go back to LA for her birthday, which is tomorrow. She’ll be 53 years old. 


Not a bad way to spend your work hours though, right? In Hawaii? And shooting with one of her close friends, Adam Sandler? It’s a work holiday for sure. And I can’t imagine the money wasn’t good. This is a Netflix production. The first Murder Mystery, which came out in 2019, was Netflix’s most-watched movie of 2019 so it was a no-brainer for the streamer to want another one. 

What I’m looking for in these shots though isn’t movie-related. I’m wondering where her dogs are because she posted this yesterday on Instagram.


Presumably Jen was working out while in Hawaii which means she had her dogs with her while she was filming. And the private jet would comfortably accommodate her travelling with her pets. I can’t relate to her working out barefoot with weights because I’m too clumsy and paranoid that I’d drop one on my feet but like others who share a home with pets, I can relate to having a workout interrupted like this. In fact, I also posted a video of me in a similar situation on Instagram. 


Did I write this post just to make it all about me? Yes. Can’t deny it. But to bring it back to Jennifer, she posted a shot of herself with Adam earlier this week and in the video in the carousel she’s giving us a music throwback. It’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”… which made me LOL.