Jennifer Garner has been in New York the last couple of days to promote The Adam Project which releases on Netflix next Friday, March 11. The premiere happened on Monday night and this Alexandre Vauthier that she’s wearing might the best black dress I’ve ever seen on her. 


The fit is perfect, and I love this collar, because I associate it with a Mandarin collar, so what we’re looking at here is kind of like a cheongsam. The waist detail is different because cheongsams typically fall straight down without any waist detail and you can see that there’s a band or seam across Jennifer’s waist so as to better create those pockets, but the shape is still there and it’s a good one, because it’s classic. Looks really good on her. 

Zoe Saldana also went with black last night and a similar length. Her dress is Saint Laurent, featuring a wide-shoulder top with gold buttons tapering to the waist. The best part about this look, for me, is the accessories. I f-cking love the cuff she has on her right wrist and the two bangles that sit midway up her forearm. I can never get bracelets to stay in that spot. What is the secret? 

As for The Adam Project, when Sarah wrote about the trailer a few weeks ago she talked about Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo being in another movie together and playing a married couple, and the obvious 13 Going on 30 situation here…which goes unmentioned, almost criminally. How are we not highlighting the sh-t out of this Jenna Rink and Matt Flamhaff reunion? 


The first thing I did when I saw these pictures come up in the agencies is look for shots of Jen and Mark together. I can’t find any! No one asked them to pose together?! Now I feel like it’s deliberate. Are they deliberately not giving the people what they want?! 

Also attached – Jennifer this morning making the morning show rounds in New York in a violet dress. Speaking of Violet, her oldest daughter, she turned 16 years old in December and I saw some pap shots of her recently with Ben Affleck who is legitimately 6 ft 2 (celebrities often exaggerate their heights but I’ve stood next to Ben on a red carpet and he is a tower), if not more, and Violet was only a few inches shorter. By my rough estimate she must be at least 5 ft 9, if not taller. For a short person like me, I’m saying this with envy.