Us Weekly’s new cover story is about Jennifer Garner and her new boyfriend. Major scoop for a magazine that is not what it used to be and has dropped in tabloid hierarchy. According to Us, Jennifer has been dating businessman John Miller, who owns a chain of burger restaurants, for six months and “it’s getting pretty serious”. PEOPLE, however, followed up with a report of their own, with sources telling them that Jen and John are “casually dating but it’s not serious” and that he hasn’t met her kids. 

John has two kids of his own with violinist Caroline Campbell. Us Weekly did a deep dive on his marriage as a follow-up to their exclusive. John and Caroline were married in 2005, same year as Jen and Ben Affleck. They first filed for divorce in 2011, reconciled, filed again in 2014, and just last week reached a divorce agreement after what sounds like a tricky-ish negotiation period because of a difference in “communication styles and approaches towards conflict resolution”, as noted in court documents she submitted. Caroline claimed that he’s an A-type, loves debate, loves to argue every point (total Ravenclaw), and she avoids confrontation. She also claimed that John “is accustomed to being the CEO of companies he starts” and therefore “feels satisfaction from controlling me and making me pay the price for ending the marriage” (total Slytherin). 

Us Weekly’s source, however, insists that “Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been. It’s a loving, healthy relationship.”

Their source is either full of sh-t then or someone from John’s side because to be able to say that Jen “brings out the best” in him, you have to know HIM, not her. And if that’s the case, and we’ve just learned that this is a thing, and his friends are already leaking information to the media, what does that portend? 

Jennifer Garner is no stranger to the fame game. That’s my favourite side of Jennifer Garner – the Amazing Amy-ness of Jennifer Garner. If this really is “serious” and she knew about the details that could possibly come out of his previous marriage and how his ex-wife characterised him, she’s experienced enough to get ahead of it, to make sure that his introduction to her world goes as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. Remember, Jen and Ben finalized their divorce agreement earlier this month. John’s divorce was just finalised on October 22. And this story is breaking now? That’s great timing. Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Does he look a little like Michael Vartan (who Jen dated before Ben)?