Jennifer Garner has a new body swap comedy on Netflix called Family Switch, co-starring Ed Helms. She wore a kicky red dress to the premiere. (Go Fug Yourself)


More interesting to me than Endgame, is how Omid Scobie researched, reported, and wrote Endgame. Omid is showing his work! (Celebitchy)

Every reason Dustin lists for why The Marvels failed is right, but I disagree that the brass at Disney “don’t know why it failed”. Bob Iger is not going to publicly say it’s a quality control problem, it’s a volume problem, it’s a, frankly, exhausted creatives problem. They know that’s what it is, but rather than saying, “We’re making too much stuff and too much of it is bad, and yeah, we should have taken a break after Avengers: Endgame,” he’ll say things like “there wasn’t enough supervision on set” (Kevin Feige couldn’t give The Marvels his personal attention) and “we’re going to slow down our release schedule” (we’re making too much stuff). It’s not that they don’t KNOW, they won’t ADMIT. (Pajiba)


One of the ongoing stories from Omid Scobie’s Endgame are the identities of the two “royal racists” who questioned Archie’s skin color. Princess Kate has been named as one of them by PIERS MORGAN. That feels like the snake eating its tail, no? (Page Six)

Jen Deerinwater examines the impact of colonization on the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, who were cut off from their original food sources and burdened with diets and, later, body standards not natively observed here. It’s a loss of ancestral and environmental disconnection that results in illness, scarcity, and spiritual starvation. And, as we face rapidly escalating climate disasters, it’s a loss of knowledge of how to farm and hunt and provide from within a healthy, robust ecosystem that doesn’t require burdensome amounts of water or grazing land to sustain. The relationship between Indigenous peoples, colonization, and climate change is the one thing that, at this point, can never be severed. (Eater)