This week’s PEOPLE Magazine cover featured Jennifer Garner and her “life after heartbreak”. It has all the feel of an exclusive interview: Jen tells PEOPLE about how she’s moved on, where things are at between her and Ben Affleck, what she has planned going forward. Except it’s actually not an exclusive, at least not “officially”.

The main takeaways from the story so far, at least according to what’s been posted online, is that Jennifer is not dating because, as a “source” tells the magazine:

“She will eventually, but it will be a while before she does. She’s certainly not jumping up and down and screaming, ‘I’m single!’ and planning dates. She still says Ben was the love of her life.”

Also, Ben has moved out but he’s always over at the house with the kids and they have breakfast together and that he and Jen have a solid friendship, a strong co-parenting arrangement, and Ben right now, is “focusing on family and working on himself”.

So, like I said, nothing that you haven’t really heard before, nothing all that titillating, nothing that seems fresh, certainly not fresh enough to devote a cover story to, at least not to me? Which is why I’m asking ….why? What’s the angle here?

It could simply be that Jennifer Garner sells well with the MiniVan Majority. That they’re hoping they’ll generate some newsstand sales because so many women are on her side. Sure. That’s possible. But it can’t just be about what PEOPLE wants. These “sources” and “insiders” who are close to Jennifer Garner and who contributed to this story, usually the way it works is that they would know that it’s a cover feature, and so I’m wondering about whether or not there’s any game here, the narrative that’s being presented in this story, and what it serves. Jennifer doesn’t have anything obvious to promote right now but it may be that there’s something she wants – a part or a position or – and demonstrating her popularity, her appeal, how much the MiniVan Majority cares about her, could be a factor in helping her secure it. Definitely something to keep an eye on. I was just thinking the other day that she’s due for her own prestige peak TV television series, non?

Also attached – Jen running errands yesterday in LA.