It’s Oscar week in Hollywood which means parties every night starting tonight for the next few days. Even those who aren’t nominated or invited to present show up in LA for Oscar week – a lot of work happens at the cocktails, the private dinners to celebrate production companies/studios, the fundraisers, and this is when and where many actors and writers and executives etc start to line up future projects. 

There are exceptions though. Some names are big enough that they can afford to skip Oscar week. And some don’t actually give a sh-t and not giving a sh-t is part of the work. That doesn’t necessarily apply to Jennifer Lawrence and by virtue of being nominated quite often, she does participate in Oscar week but she also isn’t so thirsty that she feels like she has to be there year after year. And certainly over the last couple of years, she’s maintained a very low profile, low enough that she’s spent significantly less time in Hollywood than she has in the past. 

Last night Jen and Margot Robbie were seen out for dinner in New York. Margot is way more dressed up than Jen so probably she had to hit up a thing before or after they met up. Interesting though, this friendship. Because there were a few low tier tabloids trying to rumour a feud between them for years even though there was zero basis for it. And also, early on in the development for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, JLaw was reportedly being considered for a role, that she’d met with Quentin Tarantino. Initially there was some speculation that she would play Sharon Tate although that version of events has been disputed; whatever character JLaw was talking to QT about, it definitely wasn’t Sharon, although this certainly contributed to the imaginary beef. Clearly there’s no beef. 

Margot, while an Oscar nominee this year (she won’t win), is also promoting Birds of Prey. Sarah’s review is coming up later this week. Here’s Margot at Good Morning America yesterday in a siiiiiick Proenza Schouler maxi dress. 


I love this look so f-cking much. But it just reminds me that, well, Margot in Chanel on red carpets hasn’t been as exciting as I wanted it to be. She became a Chanel ambassador a couple of years ago but the Chanel choices have been pretty safe. It’ll likely be Chanel for her at the Oscars. And… well… if I had to put money on it, I’ll probably prefer this Proenza to whatever we see her in on Sunday.