This is a thing in Hollywood, something you can count on reliably to generate gossip. In Hollywood, where everyone knows everyone and social circles are small, and friends dates each other’s exes, and there’s a premiere or a party or an award show every weekend, the logistical management of lovers and former lovers and arrivals on red carpets and seating arrangements etc is a tricky task. Jennifer Lawrence though? Not an issue. 

Jennifer Lawrence attended the NY premiere of The Favourite on Friday night in support of her close friend Emma Stone. Her most significant ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, is in the movie. Earlier this year, Nicholas and his girlfriend, Bryana Holly, welcomed their first child. Darren Aronofsky was apparently also at the event. Darren’s ex, Rachel Weisz, is in the movie too, although she just had a baby and did not attend. And Jennifer was with her current boyfriend, Cooke Maroney. All that man management? No problem, no drama. 

She has said in the past that she is friends with her exes, a unicorn accomplishment, especially among celebrities. But there are people who *say* they’re still friends with their former lovers but, you know, not really. Clearly she means it. Or, clearly, none of them f-cked her over. I wonder if that’s what she and Taylor Swift were talking about.

While Jen’s maintained a pretty drama-free personal life, her professional life has been quiet the last several months, as she promised. She said she was taking a break. She is definitely on a break. There have been no new projects announced beyond her commitment to Bad Blood, the Elizabeth Holmes film, to be directed by Adam McKay, which was first confirmed a couple of years ago. The last update on that was back in May, with Vanessa Taylor brought on to write the script. Nothing’s moving on Bad Blood until at least the second quarter of next year then because Adam’s Vice, starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, and Sam Rockwell as George W Bush, will be coming out on Christmas Day. That would suggest an award season run – especially with that cast. So we won’t be seeing Jennifer Lawrence at the movies until probably 2020 or even later. Those “comeback” headlines are pretty much pre-written.