Jennifer Lawrence is the Black Widow

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Every time an Avengers movie comes out, the internet asks where the Black Widow movie is, but despite lots of platitudes from both Marvel and Scarlett Johansson, a standalone Black Widow movie has never happened. So Fox decided to make one with Jennifer Lawrence and call it Red Sparrow. The first trailer for Red Sparrow was released yesterday, and it’s about a Russian spy who uses sex and whatever else she can to murder people. I bet the working title of this film was “the Black Widow movie”. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT IS.

Lawrence plays Natasha Romanov Dominika Egerova, who is trained from a child to be a murder-sex spy. Joel Edgerton is Clint Barton Nate Nash, the CIA operative tasked with potentially recruiting her. (Does this sound familiar, because it should if you know your comic books.) Red Sparrow is adapted from a book by Jason Matthews, a former CIA agent, and it’s specifically noted for its accuracy and detailed tradecraft, which could make for a very grounded and realistic spy movie a la the Bourne franchise. It also has a non-Marvel hook—Dominika has synesthesia, so she sees emotions as colors, which helps her with her spying. And it’s the first book of a trilogy, so this could be a new action franchise for Lawrence.

Filling the void left by the nonexistent Black Widow movie and following Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow fits right into the trend of action heroines coming to the screen recently. And it reunites Lawrence with the better of her Hunger Games directors, Francis Lawrence. Marvel jokes aside, I really do like the look of this movie, and the cast is stacked. Besides Lawrence and Edgerton, the movie stars Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, Ciaran Hinds, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Jeremy Irons. That’s a lot of very good people in a very handsome-looking picture. I’m a little wary of the potential audience reaction—people did not like it when the actual Black Widow was humanized—but if it goes the straightforward spy thriller route and leaves the sex school stuff as window dressing, it will probably be fine. And hey, if Marvel won’t make a Black Widow movie, god bless someone else for doing it.

Attached - Jennifer Lawrence on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week.

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