Adam McKay has assembled one of the most high-profile casts for his upcoming dark comedy Don’t Look Up. The film is about two astronauts who are racing to warn the world about the approach of an asteroid. They’re not, like, superstar astronauts though. These are the benchwarmers of astronauts. Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio are the two leads, it would seem, and they’ll be joined by: 


Cate Blanchett

Rob Morgan

Meryl Streep (playing the President)

Jonah Hill

Timothee Chalamet and Kid Cudi (who I’m putting together here because Timmy is Cudi’s biggest fanboy)

Ariana Grande

Himesh Patel

Tyler Perry

Melanie Lynskey 

Ron Perlman

Matthew Perry…and more.


Like I said, it’s quite the cast. I mean, to a lot of people, JLaw and Leo would have been enough. To others, Timmy and Ariana would have been enough. And then there’s Cate and Meryl. 

So here are Jennifer and Leo on set in Boston today. I’m curious to see how her wig fits with her character because it’s atrocious. Note too those plastic masks, the new filming reality for Jen and Leo. He prefers to cover his whole face with mask that isn’t see-through with the paps present but the thing with these plastic shields, in addition to being protective, is that they don’t f-ck with the makeup. I only just realised this when I was shooting in studio from September until two weeks ago when our new lockdown kicked in. Every time I left my office to go to set, I’d put my mask on to follow guidelines. And then on set I’d take it off, but it would smudge the makeup and I’d get sweaty so it’s constant powdering. Everything takes more time these days and on film sets with celebrities, they have to consider who’s allowed on set, whether or not makeup artists should be hovering around for touch-ups like they used to, how to deal with touch-ups, etc. The plastic shields at least are much better at preserving the makeup than the cloth masks.