Red Sparrow London style

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 20, 2018 20:52:00 February 20, 2018 20:52:00

Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow is due out next week, Oscar weekend. She’s been in London the last few days promoting the film. I wondered about Red Sparrow and how it would be received. So far, the reviews have been pretty medium. I don’t think we’re looking at a critical bomb. And, given that it’s Jennifer Lawrence, one of the few movie stars Hollywood has produced in the last decade, it may do well…? Or as well as any movie might do two weeks after the release of Black Panther. Red Sparrow is actually a good Movie Star test, a test to see whether or not Movie Stars are still viable. And so Jennifer Lawrence, who knows how to sell a movie, and who knows that she is the one who has to sell this movie, seems to be, so far, selling the sh-t out of this movie, especially with her wardrobe. 

Last night she wore a rainbow pleated Dior dress with a lot of hair to the premiere. Nobody’s talking about that outfit anymore though because today, for the photo call, it was this dramatic black gown (for the photo call! In daytime!) that the British press are already comparing to Elizabeth Hurley’s famous and infamous Versace safety pin dress. 

Jennifer is working it. And feeling herself. Which is exactly the tone she has to set to promote Red Sparrow. She’s a spy. She’s duplicitous. She’s sexy, she can manipulate, she’s a bombshell. You can’t be promoting a character like that and not live up to the illusion. This is how she’s been styled. Her wardrobe, so far, on this press tour has reflected that. 


You mean clothes are a part of the work? 

OF COURSE they’re part of the work. And (not Jen) they have to stop pretending that it isn’t. 

You know what else the clothes might be part of though? Jennifer Lawrence is single right now. She’s been telling reporters that she loves it. I believe her. 


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