Jennifer Lawrence was in New Orleans this past weekend for the Unrig the System summit at Tulane University. She sits on the board of Represent.Us, a non-profit “dedicated to ending political bribery”, which hosted the event; she participated in panel discussions, moderated interviews, and presented awards. Jennifer was prepared and entertaining. She was engaged. She did her work. You can read more about Unrig the System here and watch the video here.

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence’s work, when I got into my car at the end of the day yesterday to head home, I noticed some workers who had just finished putting up a massive new billboard on the side of a building for Red Sparrow which reminded me about Red Sparrow. Red Sparrow comes out on March 2. That’s soon. So we should be getting a lot more of Jennifer Lawrence soon. 

A new trailer for Red Sparrow was released during the Super Bowl. Jordy (our Key Hair on The Social) was doing my hair when I played the trailer just now in my office. Her reaction to the preview: “F-ck that looks good.” My reaction: “Her wig game is STRONG in this movie.” Jordy: “Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

As Sarah has noted in her Red Sparrow mentions, Red Sparrow could be the Black Widow movie that Marvel still hasn’t made yet. Instead of Scarlett Johansson, we have Jennifer Lawrence doing spy things, wearing the sh-t out of every wig, seducing and killing and, probably, sashaying out of a few rooms…with a Russian accent. I’m prepared to not give a sh-t about the Russian accent if the movie holds up. 

We should know soon. Again, Red Sparrow opens in 3 weeks. You know what that weekend is? It’s Oscar weekend. They’ve not yet started announcing the presenters at the Oscars. Seems like it would be a good time for her to show up though, if she’s not already scheduled for press events around the world.

Here’s the Super Bowl Red Sparrow trailer. And below that, Jennifer on a flight on Sunday repping the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m curious if the flight attendant was in on it even though it’s made to seem like they weren’t. People propose on airplanes over the intercom all the time so I don’t know that this is necessarily a “celebrities can get away with anything!” situation if, of course, Jennifer had cleared it with the flight crew first. Which I want to think that she would have? She’d definitely be seated in the front cabin. She would have had opportunity to make conversation with the flight attendants. It’s not a stretch for her to have been like, “Hey you know what would be funny…?” What’s funny is the expressions on the other passengers’ faces. Which, I think, is why this video was shared in the first place. Because no one was feeling her. And she probably wanted to f-ck with the squares who were sitting all around her. I would have been one of those squares, sleeping with my mouth open, not happy about being woken up.