Usually it’s Rihanna jacking up the paps at Giorgio Baldi. I don’t think she’s been there all week though, which is kind of a surprise. That’s not to say the paps went home empty-handed last night, though, because Jennifer Lawrence was there with her husband, Cooke Maroney.


It’s been three months or so since it was reported that Jennifer and Cooke had welcomed their first child. And since then, that remains the only information that’s been reported about the baby. The name and sex have yet to be revealed. And being that Jennifer gave birth in LA, where TMZ has access to all kinds of official documents, it’s worth nothing that even TMZ hasn’t been able to get more information. Tells me that when she and Cooke decided to have their baby in California, they put some plans in place to not have their business leaked. 

Which tells you how good the food is at Giorgi Baldi, LOL. Because Jennifer Lawrence knows how to keep it tight, stay out of the spotlight. She wants to stay out of the spotlight. She really is one of those stars who isn’t party-thirsty. She hasn’t been to the Met Gala since 2015, and she’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. 


So if she’s choosing to go to Giorgio Baldi, where paps are posted up every night, not exactly the most under the radar restaurant in town, the food is a major deciding factor, non? The food, for Jennifer at least, is worth putting up with the attention. 

PS: Jennifer arrived and left with that Hermes bag and while it doesn’t seem like it’s holding anything extra between the time she got there and her departure, and it’s likely not for takeaway, let me take this opportunity to ask, where reusing and recycling is concerned, should we be bringing our own takeaway bags when we dine out so as to cut down on waste?