Like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence also had her hair back in a strong straight pony last night at the premiere of No Hard Feelings in London. A straight pony looks simple, but it’s actually one of the hardest hairstyles to do well – and it’s because it’s so simple. Simple means you can’t camouflage any flaws, there’s nothing you can use to cover up a mistake. 


I’m the pickiest bitch when it comes to a straight pony. I don’t want to see any bumps, and I hate it when the elastic isn’t secured cleanly. That’s the reason for the high degree of difficulty: the combination of combing the hair so there are no bumps or grooves or gaps and maintaining that smoothness when you get the elastic around the hair. It takes skill and not everyone can do it, which is why I’ve heard from so many hairstylists that the straight ponytail is often a test for the trade. I am fortunate to work in an industry where I have my hair styled every day by a professional. Over the years, I can tell you, not all of them can pull of a sleek straight pony. The ones who can, in my experience, are the ones who have the hands, strong and dexterous hands that can finesse the pulling of the pony and the grip and the elastic trick so that they can get the ponytail in place without messing up the rest. Anyway, from what I can see, JLaw’s stylist did a good job.

The dress, as expected, is Dior and I like the idea of it more than the execution. Because… does it look like it could use a steam? Like up top? But also maybe it’s impossible to get it to look totally ironed out because of how delicate the fabric is and where the embellishments are placed? Like I said above, I’m a picky bitch with these kinds of details, maybe it doesn’t bother you as much as it bothers me.


Her makeup and accessories though - no notes. Excellent wing liner, really like this semi glossy lip. And the earrings. Am particularly locked in on earrings right now because I’m planning on getting my entire left ear pierced. There are three holes in there right now. I’m hoping to get five more for a total of eight on one side and keep a row of studs in on a regular basis. The reason I’m finally ready for it is because the new earring backs are way more comfortable than what they used to be and I sleep on my left side. 

But the look - as seen on JLaw, just one side of drama can make such a difference for an outfit.