The big headline about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez last week was ARod’s association with Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy who clearly did not mind sharing the spotlight with JLo, one of the most famous women in the world. Everyone’s been speculating about how exactly they know each other – and while both Madison and ARod (through “sources”) insist they’ve never met and/or spent any time together in person, it still hasn’t been clarified whatever it was they were doing over text and FaceTime. Lots of shenanigans can go down over DM. 


Still, JLo and ARod showed up in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl looking unbothered – which Alex, of course, had to share on Instagram:

Since we’re talking about ARod at the Super Bowl though, how about this throwback? 



To go back to JLo and ARod, I guess the point is that there’s nothing to see here, that they’re as solid as ever, that a reality show star trying to draft off their fame is not going to bring them down…which… I don’t think was ever really in question. At least not yet. If you’ve studied JLo’s romantic history, you know she doesn’t tap out early. In fact, I feel like she’s pretty good at romantic rationalisation. And there’s so much to rationalise here with Madison.

There’s the stereotype, as noted above, of a lesser name trying to exploit adjacency with a bigger name to get to the next level of celebrity. And then there’s someone at JLo’s level of celebrity having a lot of practice in ignoring gossip, tabloid noise, online noise. There was a lot of it when she was with Puffy. She really started developing this muscle when she was with Ben Affleck. Remember, he was busted at an exotic club in Vancouver just a couple of months before they were scheduled to get married. She waved that off, and so much more, for six months before she and Ben finally ended their relationship. 


A few years ago, when she was dating Casper Smart, she waved off a lot of other sh-t that was coming up about Casper for a lot longer than she did with Ben – over a year, if not more. And where this business between ARod and Madison is concerned, given that the two have never been in the same space together, physically, and JLo and ARod have been virtually inseparable for the better part of a year during the pandemic, and as their professional lives have become almost as intertwined as their personal lives, it’s probably no effort for her to put this out of her mind. Until, you know, Madison ever finds a reason to share the messages.