Jennifer Lopez was shooting Shades Of Blue in New York this weekend. Alex Rodriguez came to visit her on set. She had a director’s chair made for him with his name on it. Then they cuddled. And you threw up. Or you’re about to.

Because this is her #MCM post on Instagram:


My #MCM 💗

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That’s Man Crush Monday, in case you were unfamiliar. And I’m sorry I just made you familiar. You should have never been introduced to Man Crush Monday with a shot of JRod and their eyes closed. Lovers posing with their eyes closed is gross. And this is especially gross because think about how this would have happened. Either they asked someone to take the picture WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED or…

They took a selfie WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED.

Which is such a great metaphor for her approach to this relationship. Eyes closed all the way. A lot more eyes closed territory to cover here. Wait for it.