I lost my mind over a video Alex Rodriguez posted to Instagram yesterday but didn’t have a chance to get to. When I say “lost my mind” I mean it in the best way. And “best” isn’t usually a word I associate with ARod. But it’s corny AF. Like so f-cking cheesy I don’t understand how this happened but I’m not sorry. No one should be sorry. OK maybe he should be sorry. But, really, should he be?

There is so much gold cheese in this I can’t be mad at the person who gave it to us.

It’s low quality edited footage of ARod and JLO at the gym. Set to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer….



And the point here is that they’re supposed to be fitness warriors, you know? Together they sweat, together they push their bodies to the limit. They train together, they survive together, they love together.

Only…umm… by their standards, considering he’s a former professional athlete and considered a possible Hall Of Famer and she’s the indefatigable Jennifer Lopez – it’s almost like they’re going in slow motion. Check him out when he’s boxing. He’s barely hitting the trainer!


Another day at @ufcgymkendall 🙌🏼 #UFCGym #TrainDifferent @jlo @jasonfigorski

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Probably an advertisement for UFC Gym. Right. So does JLO get a cut of that deal?

Here they are in a follow-up shot with his daughters having dinner. “His girls.” How much longer do we have to wait for an engagement? Before or after Prince Harry’s?


Dinner with my girls. #CoconutGrove #305

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