Here’s how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated Mother’s Day professionally: both of their films premiered on streaming platforms this weekend. JLo’s The Mother was the #1 movie on Netflix.


Ben’s Air was the #1 movie on Amazon Prime but Hypnotic was a box office flop, the biggest flop of his career so I guess we can’t give that title to Gigli anymore. On a personal level, the two were with their families. They had lunch with their mothers and their children in LA yesterday and the moms were part of The Mother promotion too, as JLo posted a video of her mother, Guadalupe, and Ben’s mother, Chris, on Instagram yesterday watching the movie. Oh right, and both of them were drinking Delola, LOL. Our girl is never not hustling!


But despite the fact that Bennifer is carrying on about their business the way they’ve been carrying on about their business over the last two years, people are still talking about last week and the Photo Assumption that happened at The Mother premiere. Photo Assumption is the game of baseless conclusions – it’s never been accurate, but the Bennifer Photo Assumption leans into a certain presumption about these two that dates back to when they were first together 20 years ago. And of course a lot of that casts her in a sh-tty light. Even last week when people were memeing those pictures of Ben slamming the car door when the paps were following them so many of the comments were about how he’s sick of her, how he’s had enough… because she’s Too Much. As if that would have just occurred to him, when they got back together after not being together for almost two decades, that the woman he was reconciling with was somehow NOT as extra as the one he was engaged to. 


The truth it, from what Ben says, what JLo did and what she became when they were apart is actually an attraction for him. He’s talked about it many times – the JLo-ness of her life, how her level of fame amazes even him, and he’s super famous; Matt Damon even got in on that with Ben when they were on the Bill Simmons pod. But the Too Much thing remains a fixation and a flaw where JLo is concerned…which, like, I can’t understand why. Who is out here wishing for a diminished JLo? How does that help anyone?! 

Also attached – JLo out shopping with Emme.