It was Jennifer Lopez’s birthday yesterday. She celebrated in Miami at Gloria Estefan’s estate. DJ Khaled was there. Ashanti was there which is interesting because, as you know, the tea for years was that some of JLo’s biggest early hits were thanks to Ashanti and her vocals. Let’s not spoil the party with that, since it doesn’t seem to be a problem for them? 


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You know what I wrote yesterday about JLo and her energy? She is as hot as she’s ever been – probably hotter, actually – and she is moving like a teenager, as busy as she’s ever been. Check her out in this video? That was all f-cking night. 


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How much you want to bet she got up at 6am to hit the gym? 

As you can see, Alex Rodriguez is getting it right there with her. His gift to JLo on her milestone birthday?  A Porsche 911 GTS. Of course they had a professional photographer around documenting the ride. Every celebrity at this level now rolls with a cinematographer at all times to build their personal library. You know what I love about this? 

A few years ago, when she was dating Casper Smart, which I’ve been able to delete from my mind, she bought him a truck for his birthday, remember that? She also gave him the top job on her creative team. Now she’s getting her own car for her birthday and the only thing her boyfriend has to do with her choreography is holding his iPhone up during her performances. Like, I’m still a cynic when it comes to ARod but it’s hard not to be happy for her. It’s hard not to *want to* believe that, finally, this one is it.