During Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s first era, they never attended the Golden Globes together. The Oscars, yes, but not the Golden Globes. 


Nearly a decade after they split though, they were at the Globes together but apart – in 2013 – and I bring this up because here’s what I tweeted (thanks for the reminder, Twitter) on Golden Globe night that year, the year of Argo

None of us could have ever, ever, EVER predicted that the Gossip Gods and Goddesses would gift us with a sequel to Bennifer. That nine years later Ben and JLo would be back at the Globes together… AND MARRIED. 


Marriage is the mood, though. Because JLo’s about to drop a new album about their relationship, This Is Me …Now, and the first single and video, “Can’t Get Enough”, comes out in a couple of days. As you can see from the preview, it’s wedding themed – she’s marrying, again and again and again. 

This is JLo mocking herself with what she’s mocked about. And this video is just the beginning because the album will be accompanied by a whole film streaming on Amazon in February, cowritten with Ben, that apparently tells the story of their love, a love that constantly invites skepticism, especially with certain media outlets selectively publishing shots of them and deliberately misinterpreting the body language. 


There wasn’t much to misinterpret from last night though because JLo walked the carpet on her own; they posed for a few shots away from the media line but JLo, always a f-cking pro, did the interviews on her own. 

And I love this about her, so much. Because she wasn’t there as a presenter or a nominee, she was there technically as the plus one of a nominee – that would be Ben (for Air) who bypassed all interviews while she was out there hustling, always hustling. There is an album to promote and JLo is old school that way, she is going to get all the facetime she can to hype up her own work and she’s never going to apologise for or be sheepish about that hunger and the drive she’s always put into her career. 


Besides, when you’re doing Barbie better than Barbie herself, you want as many eyeballs on that as possible. Seriously. JLo in that strapless pink dress with that flower cape/stole thing was so much better than the (frankly cheap looking) tulle boa that Margot Robbie wore, I said what I said. 


To go back to JLo’s work ethic though – you know who acknowledged that last night? Like totally lost it over JLo on the carpet? Brie Larson.

Brie Larson is a stan! Thank you, Brie, for not hiding the fact that you are a stan! And for making a point of telling JLo that a big reason you are a stan is because of how hard JLo works. 


Right now, Ben and JLo seem to have found a way to make it work. We saw an example of it last night at the Globes. She is obviously better in these situations than he is and 20 years ago, they weren’t experienced and/or confident enough to let each other be good at the things they’re good at on their own. Now though? He can head inside and she stay can stay outside on the carpet and do her thing and they can meet up again later and double up with Matt and Luciana Damon, and have a great time.