Jennifer Lopez did some pre-Thanksgiving shopping yesterday in LA, seen shopping for plants ahead of the holiday. This is a great khaki trench dress on her, and I guess it’s her version of dressed down, because she’s wearing ballet flats. Not the style of footwear I would ever associate with JLo but that was the mood for the day. 


My old lady takeaway from that, since JLo and I are living in the same decade, is that she must not have plantar fasciitis because it would be murder in those shoes. Then again, while JLo obviously exercises a lot, I’m not convinced she actually walks a lot. This, I think, is the only area where I can take her – I outwalk JLo! In Japan alone, I think I was averaging 12km a day. But this isn’t about me, sorry, it’s about JLo and her Thanksgiving plans which undoubtedly involve all kinds of family – her children, her parents, her sister, extended family, and of course blended family. And friends too. 

I mention the friends thing because last week at The Squawk, in the Friday mailbag, we had a question about JLo and friends and a comment that she doesn’t seem to have any. My response was that she does have friends, she just doesn’t perform friendship the way some people in Hollywood do. 


And then her friend Loren Ridinger posted a video this week on Instagram of the two hanging out slumber party styles in matching pyjamas. 


JLo and Loren have been friends a long time, at least a decade if not more. And Loren has publicly thanked JLo for being there for her when her husband, JR, died suddenly last year. Loren, like JLo, is all business, a hustler. The work ethic, for sure, is part of their bond. And while it’s not a secret that they’re tight, again, their friendship is not played for show. So to go back to that discussion we were having at The Squawk, JLo isn’t that girl who isn’t down with girls. She definitely has a crew of girls in her corner. 

I do have a question about who is in that crew though because it’s been a minute since JLo and Leah Remini have given us a moment. And while I just said that celebrity friendships don’t have to be publicly updated, again, it has been a minute. Leah is super tight with Michelle Visage though and back in September, Michelle may have dropped some tea about whether or not JLo and Leah are still f-cking with each other and, well, it doesn’t seem, according to Michelle’s reaction, that they are. And Michelle’s making a face like that, maybe it wasn’t just a friendship drift… maybe it was something more? Why isn’t anyone sniffing out this gossip? Do we care or nah?