Alex Rodriguez was in Chicago this weekend at the National Sports Collectors Convention. During this signing session, guess who showed up. And sat in a side chair to watch him collect up to $150 per autograph?

Thanks to Nicole for sending me this photo. Of Jennifer Lopez. In a side chair. A SIDE CHAIR. Jennifer Lopez. JLO. In a SIDE CHAIR.

What is this f-cksh-t?

According to TMZ:

Jennifer just beamed at Alex while he signed items for fans -- minimum $150 a pop -- and she frequently stood up to snap pics of him. Y'know it's love when she's happy to watch you work ... and work is signing your name over and over and over again.

They’re not wrong. It’s definitely love. On his terms. Putting JLO in a f-cking SIDE CHAIR while he gets to be the big man. And, right now, she’s getting off on it. She gets off on seeing her man be the big man. What she can’t see is that she makes him the big man. TMZ’s not covering an ARod autograph signing if she’s not part of the deal.

At the moment though, JLO wants to be part of the deal. Look at her smiling indulgently beside him, like she’s his own personal photographer. Again, JLO is ARod’s personal photographer… WHAT IS THIS F-CKSH-T???

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s history repeating itself. Because this is not the first time she’s been in the side chair.

The bad news is, JLO is in the side chair. The good news is? Eventually she gets tired of the side chair. Eventually. We aren’t anywhere near eventually yet though.

Attached - JLO and ARod out for dinner the other night in New York.