This video is like a John Woo movie! Or a scene from The Matrix (which was influenced by Woo’s filmmaking) only without the guns. It also has the elegance of Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. But none of it required choreography or rehearsal. Just… nature. (Dlisted) 

It’s April Fools’ Day. And it turns out Jennifer Lopez has a lot of song lyrics about being played for a fool. Might not be a great time to bring this up now but it’s also a really good day for it. Here’s the JLO Foolish Play List. (Jezebel)  

Maria posted about Jennifer Garner’s April Fools’ Day joke earlier. So far it’s the best celebrity April Fool. And the worst? Tom Brady. (Just Jared) 

Monaco’s royal family attended the Rose Ball this weekend and …how come Princess Charlene of Serenity wasn’t there? The young Monaco royals showed up though and, for some reason, I find all of these looks rather underwhelming. You know they have access to all the fashion they want. Why does it all look so dull, though? (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a high degree of difficulty dress on Olivia Munn. And it’s a decent effort. I love how clearly drawn the peacocks are, going to beak to beak over her breasts. But it’s tricky working with that sheer material. Because, to me, any fold, any slack in the fabric, and it happens as the fabric stretches, ends up looking sloppy. Look at how messy it is around the neck. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Craig Jenkins on “The Complicated Life and Death of Nipsey Hussle”. These are the two best sentences I’ve read today about his passing: “His good ideas don’t make his bad ideas less unacceptable. His bad ideas don’t make his death any less tragic.” (Vulture)