The National Board of Review will announce its best films, directors, and performers of the year tomorrow. The New York Film Critics Circle will make their announcements on Wednesday. Golden Globe nominations are coming a week today on Monday, December 9. How many times will Jennifer Lopez’s name come up? 

She was already nominated for an Independent Spirit Award a couple of weeks ago for Best Supporting Actress, the first of her career. Her only Golden Globe nomination was back in 1998 for Selena. She’s never been nominated for an Oscar. But she’s working it. 

Will Ferrell, who co-produced Hustlers, hosted a screening last night in New York.


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JLo is also a producer on the film. And I like the boss outfit she chose for the occasion. Yes, clothes are part of the job. And the job she was doing here was showing leadership and experience. As she said, she was not paid for the film and she put up her own money so that it could get made because, “I bank on myself”.  And she’s getting paid by Facebook anyway

JLo spent Thanksgiving in LA with Alex Rodriguez and their kids. They were seen shopping on Black Friday. And then she hopped on the jet to return to NYC to continue campaigning:


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“Go” is the operative word. Because she’s been shooting a movie with Owen Wilson (Marry Me) for the last few weeks. And she’s still promoting Hustlers and doing all kinds of award season promo. She dropped a new single back in October. Don’t forget, there’s also the Super Bowl – we are now exactly two months away so preparations are undoubtedly well underway. That’s the thing about JLo, right? If one arrow doesn’t quite make the target, there are SO many more. It’s time for an all-JLo episode of Show Your Work. Coming soon.