Jennifer Lopez was with Alex Rodriguez at the MLB All-Star Game in DC last night. Look at her. She is unreal. It’s her birthday next week, she’s turning 49 years old. COME ON. I always love it when she wears a topknot. She always gets a topknot just right, she always gets the placement just right. And she looks great in these stripes, right? Dresses like this always confuse me though, I never wear them. Because that off-the-shoulder business, all tight and sh-t, is a bra problem. You will never, ever convince me that strapless bras work. When I say work what I mean is…have you ever met a strapless bra that you can wear without adjusting? Like from the moment you put it on, and through the entire day, you don’t have to tug it back up or down? It’s a pain in the goddamn ass.

Anyway… the Photo Assumption in these shots with ARod… is it just me or in all these shots, does she look like she wasn’t feeling it last night? Very likely it’s because the photographer was only in position for just a moment and it happened to be when she was focused on getting from point A to point B. But check out this shot he posted of them on Instagram:


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Does the photo go with the caption? 

Here’s a photo that definitely does NOT go with the caption: 


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I mean, yeah, she looks amazing but …what does that have to do with the players in the All-Star Game and how exciting it will be to see all that talent on the diamond? 

In other JLo news, there’s actually a lot of it. News, I mean. Which is work. The final season of Shades of Blue is currently airing. World of Dance is currently airing. The video for "Dinero" was just nominated for two VMAs. And the trailer for her new movie, Second Act, is premiering this week. Second Act is about Maya, who works at Costco, or something like it, and she’s passed over for a promotion because she doesn’t have a degree. So she decides to make a run at a corporate career. Also starring Leah Remini, who plays JLo’s best friend, and Milo Ventimiglia, who plays her boyfriend. JLo also produces. It’s a work comedy. And it’s opening in November, holiday season in the US. This is a small-to-mid budget comedy and she’s done well with this business model. Back in 2015, The Boy Next Door made back its budget on the first weekend so they have a plan with this release date, counterprogramming to the female demo who may not want Fantastic Beasts or award season films or family animated films. I wouldn’t count it out. And, really, you should never count her out. 

So maybe that look on her face is just… I’m busy. I have a lot going on. Including making him look good while he’s at his job.