Peace on earth, goodwill to (all) – this is supposed to be the season of kindness, right? Well, there’s a quiet war going on. It’s the war for the Christmas audience. Netflix is trying to be your go-to destination for holiday programming, or all programming, giving us a selection of corny made-for-TV movies, feel-good rom-coms, mixed in with some murder and mayhem, for those of you who prefer true crime over true love. 

Of course the holiday box office has always been a studio target, and this year is no different. DC has been saving Aquaman for the most wonderful time of the year but he’s going up against Mary Poppins. The early reaction for Aquaman has actually been quite positive – at least as far as I’ve seen – but Mary Poppins also is generating some big buzz right now, both commercially and critical. And I wonder if people are sleeping on Bumblebee. It’s Transformers, yeah, but it’s Transformers for holiday warm and fuzzies, as it’s supposedly about Bumblebee and his BFF, Hailee Steinfeld. 

For those you – us? – who aren’t into superheroes, super-nannies, or super-machines though, there’s always counterprogramming. Jennifer Lopez is coming with the counterprogramming. Second Act comes out December 21 and, to be honest, while I’ll probably see all of the movies above, and more, partly because it’s my job (I already told you I’ve never seen the original Mary Poppins because I’m a monster, so I have no nostalgic connection to it), I’m most excited about JLo’s. This is my kind of holiday movie – friends and hijinks, the clothes, and, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, Second Act is a rom-com where the love interest is… her JOB. JLo might be getting my money several times. Also, not going to lie, when I’m in a JLo movie, I’m thinking about the story – of course – but I’m also looking at her. 

Because LOOK AT HER.

Here she is on Ellen, for today’s episode, kicking off promotion for the movie and ...her skin, her lips, her hair… 



It’s crazy. It crazy! She is unreal. She is 49 years old. And she is telling time to f-ck itself better than almost everyone else.