You can roll your eyes, and I’m sure of you are, but if you love gossip, you can’t not love this. COME ON. 


As I mentioned yesterday, Jennifer Lopez scrubbed her Instagram earlier this week, leading many, including me, to (correctly) speculate that a major announcement was coming. Especially since today is the 20th anniversary of This is Me… Then, the album she recorded and released after she fell in love and got engaged to Ben Affleck in 2002. 

Since they’ve come full circle with their love this year, and to commemorate the anniversary of that album, she will be giving us a sequel. 


We have so much to talk about! Where do we start? 

Let’s start with the album cover, because I have just spend several minutes with our etalk producers doing CSI on whether or not this is the original or if she recreated it – because it really is THAT close. Here’s the original: 

Jennifer Lopez - This is Me...Then album cover

Like I said, it’s nearly indistinguishable. We had to zoom in on the chest area to look at the bra lines underneath…and we concluded that it is a recreation. An almost exact recreation. Which of course is a flex. Not just in the precision of the production but also HER FACE. Which, yes, when it transitions to This is Me …Now, when the lighting changes, and her hair and makeup and the general colour scheme and tone is darker, the glow of youth replaced the energy of maturity. And, also, that’s the kind of lighting you need to highlight the abs. I work in this business, trust me, that’s what she was after there. 


And then of course there’s the track list: 

This is Me....Now by Jennifer Lopez tracklist 

I mean, she’s not subtle, LOL. Nobody’s asking what she’s singing about when the song titles are “Dear Ben Pt 2”, “Can’t Get Enough”, and “This Time Around”. Also, “Midnight Trip to Vegas”. Gee, I wonder what that song is referring to. 

Not that I’m complaining. Of course not! Bennifer has been one of the best gossip stories we’ve had the last few years. Gossip that we won’t regret. Gossip that isn’t sad and pulsing with acrimony and bitterness. Gossip that for so long seemed so impossible, until it wasn’t. No one is more drunk on the unlikelihood of their reunion than Jennifer Lopez. This is why she doesn’t drink much – because she gets her buzz from love! And now she’s immortalising the “Greatest Love Story Never Told”.