Jennifer Lopez was still in Mexico yesterday promoting her new Netflix movie, Atlas, premiering tomorrow. She and Simu Liu were at a press conference yesterday taking questions from fans and reporters when someone asked a question about her marriage. 


As you can see from the video below, Simu immediately jumps in and shuts it down and then later tells the audience about JLo as a leader and his experience working with her. Unfortunately the headline is about the inappropriate question and her reaction: 


“You know better than that” is the most she could do, a gentle scold, but a scold nonetheless. Was it deserved? She’s in the news right now, a major heatscore, because of the rumours about her and Ben Affleck and their conflicts in their marriage. She has also put her own love life on blast – so is it fair game to ask? 


I’m also a reporter, so I get why the person wanted to know and wanted to ask. But not like this, and not here. Not at a press conference with like a hundred people present. If this was a one-on-one, in a closed setting, yeah, there’s a way to get there, gracefully, and had that been the case, I could defend it. Because then it’s a conversation and not a trap. But also, one-on-one is one-on-one. If you’re asking something this sensitive about the sh-tty thing that may or may not be happening in someone’s marriage,  the other layer is the company. Even if this was a closed setting, if Simu was there, it still wouldn’t haven’t been a good look to go for the divorce question because there’s someone else in the room who probably also wouldn’t be entirely comfortable. 


JLo is always going to JLo. And one day, if the circumstances are right, with the right person, I feel like she will probably answer that question. Whoever the interview is would have to build to it, of course, because that’s part of the art of interviewing, and if they can pull it off, because she’s JLo, and she has always been open with her heart, on her terms, I could totally see her going in that direction. But, again, not like this. 

What you can also count on, though, where JLo is concerned, is the serve. This shimmering set she’s wearing is amazing. I don’t know how comfortable it is but it’s SO good. I love the swing of it, especially on top. I love the fall of the pants. How light it looks even though with the beading it probably isn’t. Maybe that’s also a metaphor for how she feels on the inside too.