I’ve been wondering all week about Jennifer Lopez’s wedding coverage and now we have our answer – her THREE dresses have been featured in both Vogue and On The JLo. Which is… kind of a flex? Vogue is calling it an exclusive, and it is, but it’s a shared exclusive because JLo’s also owning her own content… and Vogue is linking to it! On the Vogue page that features photos of all three looks, On The JLo is credited and linked several times, like there was an agreement to help JLo’s subscriber base, lol. 


Also… I guess now we know why she was unbothered about the paps getting low-quality shots of her first dress – because she had two more in her back pocket to reveal that are just as spectacular. 


And this trifecta, for me, ranks among the most exquisite celebrity wedding looks of all time. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love these dresses this much – but they are all, obviously, flawlessly made, the fit on each is perfect, the designs are distinct, and also they are so very much HER. Each and every one is Jennifer Lopez. 

I LOOOOOOOVE the high collars on both her ceremony dress and the beaded gown. THE DETAIL on that beaded gown. Note that the stranded beads on that one create a collar, like a jewelled turtleneck – it’s so f-cking good, and again, so f-cking her. Because it’s both sexy and demure, two style vibes that JLo has played around with for decades. 

Jennifer Lopez's beaded wedding gown

As for the third look, what makes it is the hood. It’s breathtaking in the sketch: 

Jennifer Lopez's hooded wedding gown

The drama here, playing off the sensuality of the body of the dress, with the keyhole cleavage and her curves, but then the suggested modesty of the hood – it’s a gorgeous combination, both coquettish and powerful, and it screams I AM A MOVIE STAR. I just wish we could see her in it from the back. She’s promised in the latest newsletter that there will be more…On The JLo. Of course, always, On The JLo. 


I can’t say enough how obsessed I am with these three separate but cohesive looks that come together to complete her wedding wardrobe. It’s among the very, very best that we’ve seen in recent memory.