I know this isn’t the case for everyone but Bennifer was one of my celebrity highlights of 2022. As I have said, repeatedly, since they got back together in 2021 – we didn’t appreciate them enough the first time around, and then we got nostalgic about what we’d lost when it was over. Don’t even pretend you didn’t, from 2004/5 and beyond, look back fondly at the “Jenny From The Block” video and wistfully sigh over what they were, then. (Ha!)


And then somehow they found their way back to each other and this year they finally got married – first in Vegas and then in Georgia. Yes, I know that there are already predictions that these two won’t be forever…but I’m not here to actively root against them. The celebrity ecosystem is not lesser for Bennifer’s existence. Nobody is getting hurt here. Their children seem to be happy. They seem to be happy. And we can still have a good time enjoying how much they love their love and laughing, without malice, at how much they love their love. 

Also… Bennifer gave us On The JLo, the best and most hilariously lo-fi celebrity newsletter on the market. Speaking of which, it has been a minute since JLo’s given us a new issue of On The JLo. Will we get one before the year is done? Not yet, at least not at the time of this writing. Instead of On The JLo, as Maria shared yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, she’s doing beauty tutorials for Vogue and sharing her makeup secrets. 


She has always talked about sleep as one of her beauty secrets. JLo is famous for not drinking much and for sleeping…which Mariah Carey shaded her for back in the day: 

That clip will always give me life. 


But back to sleep and what JLo says about under four hours or over seven – this is 100% my experience. I have more energy on an all-nighter with no sleep than I do when I get five hours. And I look better on no sleep than I do on five hours. I don’t get enough sleep but I am a gifted sleeper, I can sleep whenever, wherever. Sometimes, then, even if I have the time for a five hour sleep, I’ll set my alarm for just a three hour sleep because I know I’ll actually be more productive and not feel and look so sluggish. 

As for the rest of the tutorial – I don’t watch a lot of makeup tutorials, not because I don’t like makeup because I do, obviously, but because there’s not a lot of variety for me when it comes to application. I have one look, same sh-t every day, and also I don’t contour. Which is why I’m never not fascinated when I see how contouring works. JLo is giving full contour realness here, at least that’s how I’m seeing it through my non-contour lens. That “glow” is achieved through a LOT of contour and blending and more contouring and LIGHT. She lit the sh-t out of herself for this video – or maybe it’s just that her bathroom is already very sophisticatedly well-lit for exactly these purposes. Which reminds me I need to get better lighting in my bathroom. When people renovate and remodel their homes these days, do they account for the selfie factor when they’re installing their light fixtures? 

Attached - JLo shopping in Beverly Hills the other day.