H&M does of ton of licensing for its clothing (especially US colleges), and Justin Bieber was not happy with his likeness being used. I would love to read a story on how this deal went down – who owned the images? After Justin called it “trash” on Instagram, H&M relented and has removed the merchandise.


Lottie Moss is first out of the gate with her defensive take on nepo babies (or in her case, a nepo sibling), and then doubled down with “work harder” and “anyone can achieve their dreams.” Calling her sister Kate a “huge model” is underselling it a bit, no? The way Lottie positioned her opinion sets her up for self-righteousness because when people respond, she can say she’s being attacked. 


Do I think JLo’s only beauty secret is olive oil? No, but I do think she gets a healthy amount of sleep, something she says is very important to her face. Here she explains her sleep equation for looking her best – it has to be under four hours or over seven. It’s beauty math. 


Dan Harmon (of Community and Rick and Morty) has fallen into a Hallmark movie wormhole. Is this evidence of parallel universes? Is Hallmark trolling us? Why are there two Sister Swap movies? Kimberly Williams Paisley (who is a Hallmark superstar) commented that this was all part of a years-long plan but I can’t tell if she’s being playful? My ridiculous theory is that they filmed the “real movie” and also filmed the body doubles in rehearsal and used the footage to cut a bootleg of their own movie.


I miss The White Lotus, but the cast is keeping us entertained on Instagram. Flip to the second photo to see Daphne (Meghan Fahy) and Jack (Leo Woodall). Does this count as Instagram Official?


The other day I was stocking up on body care and noticed that Alicia Keys’s products from her Key Soulcare are very highly rated (I ordered the body oil because the body butters aren’t cutting it this winter). Many celebrities have skin care lines and since her launch, she has steadily promoted it but it has not taken over her feed. The vibe is very calm and not overly promotional. The focus remains on her performances and music, like a livestream masquerade ball happening tonight and even the audience dressed up – very festive.