Emme Muñiz was in New York this week promoting her book. Emme is 12 years old. Her book, Lord Help Me. Up to this point, Emme’s biggest moment in the spotlight was at the Super Bowl, earlier this year, when she was part of her mother’s halftime show. 




And now she’s a published author. Lord Help Me was released yesterday and Emme and her ma were on The Today Show. 

Emme’s also been doing other interviews, including this one with Refinery29: 

I’ve heard her sing, obviously, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Emme speak before. I like her voice. 


She sounds so sweet when she talks about prayer and in another interview she shares that she prays for her mom

"I do pray for my mother. I usually pray before she does her show and stuff, because she can get hurt in many ways."

I’m not here to tell you to pray. You do you – if prayer works for you great, if it doesn’t, great. All I’m saying is that it works for Emma and it’s so tender (even though I hate that word) that she has worries about her ma, one of the most powerful and successful women in show business. Although I’m not a parent, I can imagine that for parents, you want to put off the encroachment of “worry” on your children as long as you can. As JLo told Hoda Kotb, "I'm not just worried about protecting her from the spotlight, I'm worried about protecting her from life.” But it’s probably one thing you can’t protect them from. Because if they’re a part of the world, if they’re engaging with people, with their community, if they're learning from people’s stories, those feelings are inevitable. So it’s about encouraging them to find their own ways of coping. 

Here are JLo and Emme heading for the airport in New York. Seems like Jennifer is giving her hair a rest from the extensions lately. I have a friend who got extensions put in recently – really, really great extensions. They look amazing. But she had a headache for the first day from the extra weight because she had a hundred grams of hair put in. A hundred grams is like … a slice of cheese? It doesn’t seem like much but it’s a LOT on your head!