On the rare occasion, it is possible to cringe and also be delighted at the same time. But Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez manage to do this more often than most. Especially around holidays, like Valentine’s Day and now Father’s Day. 


Here’s what JLo posted in tribute to Ben: 


It’s a whole carousel with a video that comes after the thirst trap but there’s a reason she posted the thirst trap first, obviously. Like she could have tucked it away, or saved it as the mic drop final image in the carousel but she wanted us to see it right away. Which means… HE wanted us to see it right away?!

Like this is why it’s both cringe and delightful. Because now I’m playing out how all this went down. What was the motivation when he originally took this selfie and sent it to her, presumably that’s what happened right? He takes the shot and sends it to her like… this is what’s waiting for you when you get home…? Or is it more like, hey, can you give me some posing tips? Is this my angle? 



It’s another example that, really, they are meant for each other – and 20 years ago, he wasn’t self-aware enough to admit it to himself and now he is fully leaning in. Leaning into his own thirst (because of course he had to have cosigned her posting this) and she’s always leaned into her own thirst, but now she’s thirst trapping by proxy, she being his proxy, and boasting on her own behalf since we’re meant to see this and be all like, OK JLo, this is what you’re banging every night… I can’t. 

Again, yes, of course, mega cringe here. MEGA CRINGE. But also, I’m not sorry to have seen it. I’m not complaining about this content. I’m not complaining that these two cheeseballs are this committed to entertaining us. Let them love the way they want to love! Gossip is better for it! 

Attached - JLo out in LA on Friday.