How did I miss this? I had no idea there existed an E.T. cereal until just now. So should I be mad at my dad? I didn’t go grocery shopping with my dad when I as a kid. Maybe I should have. Dad wouldn’t have thought to spend money on a different cereal just because E.T. was on the box. Or maybe he did think about it and decided not to get it because now that I look closer, E.T. cereal looks like it tastes like meat. I love the taste of meat. But I don’t want to pour milk all over it. (Dlisted) 

Are you a Jeopardy watcher? I have a friend, a very, very smart friend, who’s been on call for Jeopardy for years. She has passed all the pre-tests and is now on the list for the Next Phase, which is when they fly you to a show taping as a contestant. Being on the list, however, expires and you have to be retested periodically. Every time she is retested she get put back on the list. She just hasn’t been able to get on yet. Will she get on before Alex Trebek retires? Are you sad about Alex retiring? Did you know that a lot of people are NOT sad about it? There’s a Hate Alex Trebek hate group online! (Jezebel) 

Drake’s Scorpion continues to break records. Sales records, streaming records, his own records. And “In My Feelings” is still playing everywhere, non-stop, to the point where authorities have to issue warnings to people that they should not be pulling over in traffic to do the challenge. THE CHALLENGE IS OVER, oh my GOD, why are people still doing it?! (Just Jared) 

Lindsay Lohan is currently filming a reality show about her beach club for MTV. They released a teaser for it. Which basically just looks like something she shot on her iPhone. So it’s something that could have just been posted on Instagram. Is this an indication of the production value we can expect? (Cele|bitchy) 

Baby blue is not my colour. But this baby blue suit on Julia Roberts look amazing. I especially like the length of the pants and the length of the jacket. But mostly I just like looking at her face. When she’s in a photo, I barely notice who’s in the photo with her. That’s Bobby Cannavale, by the way, with really high hair. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is my favourite long-read from the weekend. I knew it would be good. So I locked myself in the bathroom to read it. It’s about the McDonald’s Monopoly scam. It’s bananas. How long before this becomes a television series? (The Daily Beast)