When I say “DC”, I don’t mean comic books but Dawson’s Creek. Which, I hope, is not an obscure reference. Anyway, the reason why I’m throwing back to Dawson’s Creek is because that’s what comes to mind these days when I see Jeremy Allen White in his favourite shirt. 


He was papped yesterday wearing a short-sleeve printed shirt, the same one he was wearing on the weekend when he was photographed kissing model Ashley Moore. There’s a 90s/early 2000s vibe to this style, non? Back then the shirt was often worn open over a white one and the jeans were as baggy as Jeremy’s. That was before men’s pants got real narrow, with men’s skinny cut going widespread just before 2010. And now, more and more, the pants are loose and wide again. This looks good on Jeremy, it suits him. 

While we’re on the subject of fashion though, by now I feel like we can talk specifically about season two of The Bear and what a big part the clothes play on the show. It’s subtle, but the style is definitely there - you just have to look for it in the details. Carmy, for example, isn’t flashy, but he’s big on high quality pieces. Like he keeps his jeans in the oven but the jeans are expensive. Carmy started humble but he ascended to the highest levels of his industry. He cares about his clothes. He made an offhand comment about “beautiful trousers”. And now Richie is out here wearing beautiful suits! 


Of course the item of clothing getting the most shine from the season is the chef’s coat that Carmy gave to Sydney. Like I gasped when the box came out – Thom Browne, custom, and gorgeous, obviously.


I love it so much that I want one for myself. I am not a chef. I don’t have need for a chef’s jacket. But I would like to walk around in this badass jacket like a f-cking poser. 

Anyway I looked for it online and actually found a couple of websites that are selling the “Thom Browne Chef Jacket” for like under $200 which… I found hard to believe, since it’s impossible to buy anything Thom Browne for anything affordable and we already know Sydney’s was custom. Also in real life Thom Browne loves Ayo Adebiri so he was happy to do a one-off for her which means these are knockoffs. For now at least because the jacket is so popular that if Thom actually created a real collection it would probably sell big.