Well, not everyone is BTS. As we know, COVID-19 has really f-cked up the economy, especially the celebrity economy. While BTS is out here innovating, others who are lower on the celebrity hierarchy pole need to get creative. Jeremy Piven, whose career wasn’t exactly on fire before the pandemic, is still charging Entourage rates for the privilege of talking to him. Or talking at him? Do people still say “Let’s hug it out, bitch”? Yes. Douchebags. Those are the people paying this rate. (Dlisted) 


Jordana Brewster loves working out. I am not one of those people. I hate working out. Hate every minute. Do it because it’s necessary. In lockdown I’m not really doing it at all because I can’t work out at home. I need to go somewhere. I need someone to yell at me or at least tell me what to do. But for people like Jordana, there’s always one kind of workout that they hate, as much as they love exercise. I hate all of it but the one I hate the most is the bike. I’d rather do anything other than being on a bike. It hurts my crotch. (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls are giving us Gossip Nostalgia today in the form of Batman Forever starring Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman. I totally forgot that Nicole Kidman was in a Batman movie… did you?! Anyway, Nicole was still married to Tom Cruise at the time. I did not forget that Nicole was married to Tom Cruise. I could never, ever, ever forget that. Holy sh-t, everyone showed up to this premiere. Including Muhammad Ali! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Speaking of things you don’t remember, I also had a hard time remembering that Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley were married. How do you feel about Scott Foley? Do you love him? I wasn’t an avid Felicity watcher so I don’t have connection. But I did really enjoy him at times on Scandal. (Pajiba) 

There isn’t a lot to look forward to these days. So I take my joy where I can get it. Right now, now that Bang Bang Con: The Live is over, I’m looking ahead to June 26. That’s when BLACKPINK takes over. And their new looks for this era are already sickeningly good. (Allure)