Jeremy Renner was trending on Twitter yesterday which is where I first heard about the latest mess between him and his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. She’s accusing him of being a violent, manipulative f-ck and putting a gun to his head and threatening her and getting way out of control
on drugs and alcohol, compromising his ability to care for their daughter, Ava. He’s countering that she’s the one who’s deranged and is using him for money and fame and obsessed with revenge. So, you know, the usual. The latest, today, is something something about dick pics and nude sculptures. Sonni’s art is actually not bad - but Jeremy thinks it’s pornographic and a bad influence. He’s going straight to the MiniVan Majority on that stretch. (Dlisted)

That f-cking blowhard Piers Morgan is taking a break from bitching about Meghan Markle to hate on gender fluidity and identity. Or maybe he hates on Meghan Markle when he’s taking a break from dumping on trans people and members of the LGBTQ community. And of course he loves the controversy. That’s the whole point of it. So I guess the only solution is to look away. And it’s our failing that we can’t. Which only makes us feel worse. Congratulations to him, I guess, for making people feel bad. (Pajiba) 

Cardi B got a new ring from Offset for her birthday. It’s shaped like a heart and the size of a PLANET. As you can see, Cardi loves it. Of course she does. As you can see, Offset is super proud of himself. I mean, sure, but he could have managed a ring half this size and half the prize if he’d been faithful??? Cele|bitchy)

I love this black dress on Regina King. And it’s not a dress that pushes all my usual buttons. For starters, it’s taffeta, not my favourite fabric. But we’ve seen so much better use of taffeta this year that I might be rethinking it. Black taffeta, for example, hides its trickiness, the way it can crease and fold and looks unpolished over a large surface area. But the way the dress is folded and ruffled and twisted here, the wrinkling becomes even less of a problem. Also her arms are amazing. (Go Fug Yourself)

This is not a new read but it’s a classic read. Allison P Davis’s profile of Lena Dunham for The Cut won Profile of the Year and I celebrated by re-reading it, it’s just so f-cking good. Almost better the third and fourth and fifth time around. (The Cut)