Today in But Must The Show Go On News, Jerrod Carmichael is set to host the 2023 Golden Globes. Carmichael, who won an Emmy earlier this year for his standup special, Rothaniel, is a fantastic comedian and I have no doubt he has the chops to host a live show—he was also nominated for an Emmy for hosting SNL—but does must it be the Golden Globes? Carmichael will host the show on January 10, and no one is sure who will actually show up (except for Brendan Fraser, who has already RSVP’d “no”.) The Golden Globe nominations go out Monday morning, so we’ll know soon enough what pool of people will have to decide whether or not the HFPA has done enough work on themselves to justify going back to the status quo of pretending like the Globes exist for any purpose other than starf-cking. 


I am now torn, because I want good things for Jerrod Carmichael, and if he’s going to host the Globes, then I want it to be a successful broadcast that leads to bigger, better things for him. But at the same time, if it IS a sparsely attended disaster, I feel like he has exactly the right kind of sly, viciously laid-back humor to make the most of it, from a comedic perspective. Carmichael hosting a train wreck might be funnier, and there’s so much going on with the HFPA, if the show IS a failure, he's not likely to wear it. But, ugh. If Jerrod Carmichael is going to host a televised award show, does it HAVE to be the GOLDEN GLOBES? I want better things for Jerrod Carmichael! The Hollywood Foreign Press Association doesn’t deserve him!