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Like Mimi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Johnson, and Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson is also in Aspen for the holidays. She’s there with her husband and children and also Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. 


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Like Mark Wahlberg in the previous post, 2019 was also quiet for Jessica. Actually the last few years have been quiet, especially in comparison to how not quiet it was for her during the previous decade. With three kids though, and her youngest only eight months old, Jessica’s been a lot more undercover, although that’s likely about to change because she’s coming out with a book in 2020.

Her memoir, Open Book, will be released on February 4. 


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Apparently she was approached to write a motivational book years ago and declined because she “didn’t want to lie”. This book has been “guided by the journals she’s kept” since she was 15 and tells the story of someone “with an almost crippling need to please”. These are things she supposedly has never talked about before. And if that’s true, there’s a lot to say. From the Newlyweds era to the Tony Romo era to John Mayer, Jessica’s been through some sh-t. And, yes, I’ve just focused here on her romances but all of this gossip is alluded to in the publisher’s notes so, presumably, we’re getting some of her insight behind her biggest gossip headlines. And those insights will undoubtedly create new headlines as she promotes the book to kick off the year. I’m actually kind of…excited? Demi Moore’s memoir totally delivered. I feel like Jessica Simpson’s has potential. Add this to your book club selections for next month.

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