When I first saw the shots of Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson at the Critics Choice Awards last night I thought today’s post about them would just be straight screaming over this queen and this man who is fortunate to be spending his life with her. And how glorious she looks in this dress, which is a high degree of difficulty because of that fabric and the fit. Obviously she kills it. And my god, Joshua is getting more and more handsome. It’s the Jodie effect. 


This, unfortunately, is not what it turns out we’re screaming about in this post though. The screaming has to do with what Jane Campion said upon accepting her award – specifically the comments she directed at Venus and Serena Williams: 

Go up and get your award. Talk about how female directors are still not given the same opportunities. No one disputes this. But implying that what you’ve done is than Venus and Serena Williams have experienced…


First of all, Venus and Serena have played against men – and won – their entire careers. Second… for a white woman to receive this kind of distinction and immediately diminish two Black women? It’s gross. And Jodie called it out: 

This matters, because it’s not just people on social media, checking Jane for her comments, it’s Jodie, who’s in the same industry, who was IN THE SAME ROOM, publicly putting this year’s Best Director frontrunner on blast. Jodie isn’t afraid to go there – and there was a time when a Black actress taking it to an acclaimed director would be considered career suicide. Jodie doesn’t give a f-ck, awesomely. 

As of this writing, Jane Campion has not commented. But with Oscar voting beginning this Thursday, it’s not a great look for The Power of the Dog campaign.