Today is Family Day in many parts of Canada. Many schools are closed. Many parents have taken the day off. In the United States it’s President’s Day. Government offices and banks are closed. Schools and most offices are closed. So it’s a lighter one – and maybe this is exactly the content you need: 

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson were photographed walking their dogs yesterday in LA. They look like Chow Chows. Are they Chow Chows? 

Jodie said recently that because of the political situation in the United States and since “England has gone off the rails” too, they were thinking of raising their child in Canada. Not sure how serious that comment was but I feel like if they’re still in California, given how far along she is, it’s probably going to be America because isn’t it a thing that once you’re past a certain point in your pregnancy, you can’t travel? 

Curious to see how much travel – or not – Joshua will be doing when promotion picks up for Little Fires Everywhere. It’ll likely be Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon doing most of the press as we near the premiere date for the series. A new trailer just dropped recently. 

Joshua plays Bill Richardson, married to Reese’s character, Elena. Little Fires Everywhere is a story about class and race, and this would be Joshua’s second project in a row that confronts those issues. Last year he had a role in Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us and spoke articulately about what he’s learned and continues to learn through this work. And that’s why Jodie wrote this about him on Twitter the other day. This is why she feels prepared in a situation no one can possibly be fully prepared for: