Jodie Turner-Smith stepped out yesterday to run errands with her daughter, Juno. NOT JANEY/JANIE. Juno. And sorry to be smug about that but the media, and not just the tabloids but like legit entertainment media, got it wrong for sooooo long on the name and it only came out once Jodie filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson what their child’s real name is. 


Speaking of Joshua though… 

As we saw quite recently, he and Lupita Nyong’o have taken their relationship from friends to lovers seemingly confirming it when they held hands on a hike. That was Tuesday 5 December. The day before, Monday, they were papped out for groceries. I’m telling you this because their hard launch happened like righhhhht after both Jodie and Lupita were both at the Academy Museum gala. So my gossipy ass is now wondering…did they run into each other? Would Jodie have known that Joshua and Lupita are a thing? Did he give her a heads up? Or did she find out when everyone else did? 


And is there anything behind the hoodie that Jodie’s wearing in these shots? 

It’s merch from the film Decision to Leave – one of the BEST films of 2022, directed by Park Chan-wook, and it should have been nominated for an Oscar! – but …it also works, kinda, for Jodie’s personal life. She too made a decision to leave. I mean, it’s definitely not as obvious as “A Low Vera” (there’s one for the gossip historians out there) but I do wonder if it’s intentional. The film is about a woman whose ultimate decision is to free herself – and that decision will haunt her lover forever; he will love her forever; he will never be able to get over her. 

Not saying that that’s what Jodie is saying. But love’s mystery and opacity is also one of the themes of Decision to Leave. Her decision to wear it 100% tracks with the theme.