Taylor Swift made history this weekend as the first female artist to play three straight shows at MetLife Stadium and for Saturday’s performance, it rained the whole time. Which did not affect her energy, the production, or her lipstick. Never get in the way of Taylor when she’s setting a record. 

In other Taylor news, last week there was all kinds of speculation about her necklace and whether or not wearing it or not wearing it meant that there was trouble between her and Joe Alwyn. Joe was seen in New York with several members of his family this weekend. He was also at the show last night. Which means that when she’s been stepping out of her apartment to give the paps their shots, she’s decoying, making sure that he and his family are left alone. So what we’ve learned here is that the not wearing of the necklace means nothing. Let’s speculate then about the opposite. 

Taylor now has a few days off before her next shows. Assuming then that Joe and his family came in to hang out with her before she goes back to work. With access to a private jet, they can easily travel to any one of her properties and not be bothered. Their families seem to know each other well. She’s clearly close with his family and he’s definitely close with her family. How long before it’s, like, one large family, officially?