Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s divorce has been a big story this week. The two released a joint statement yesterday confirming the news, calling the split “amicable” but that’s not how it’s reading if you’re looking at how the situation is being reported, particularly from “sources” who are leaking information to outlets like TMZ and Page Six. As I’ve already noted, the emerging narrative seems to be that Sophie has been partying a lot and there may or may not have been some footage from some kind of ring camera that determined Joe’s decision. The intended takeaway: Sophie’s an absent mother who may have been doing some shady sh-t. The reality: misogyny. 


Today the Daily Mail published a story about how Sophie was at a bar, hanging out with the bar manager, who told the tabloid that Sophie was acting like she “didn’t have a care in the world” and seemed like she was eager to go back to her partying days. This f-cking guy. A celebrity happens to come into the place and have a good time and suddenly he’s in a position to talk about what her life goals are? 

Dude says that he “couldn’t believe how happy and relaxed she was”, and is taking that to mean that she must be thrilled that her marriage is ending. Right, that must be the only logical conclusion because otherwise she would have told a COMPLETE STRANGER (who clearly couldn’t wait to get his face in the Daily Mail) about the fact that she and her husband were breaking up. 


How about she was at a wrap party for the show she’d just spent the summer working on and surrounded by dozens of colleagues and is an actual human being who is capable of compartmentalising whatever challenges she has going on in her personal life and enjoying the moment with her peers?! How about there’s no one way to get through a breakup and prescribing a singular acceptable form of behaviour, especially on a woman, is some archaic bullsh-t? 

But then, conveniently Joe shows up in pap photos spending time with his two daughters. Thanks Captain Obvious, it’s not like we already didn’t get the message that you’re the responsible parent to counter Sophie’s chaos, but sure, why not keep hammering us over the head with it… although I’m not sure it’s working… 


Did you see this? 


Vogue isn’t the only publication that is calling it out. Several other articles like this were posted that called into question the Sophie slander that seems to be coming from Joe’s circle. And if we’re generously giving him the benefit of the doubt here, maybe his people are going rogue with this on an outdated playbook. Maybe this is not his intention. If that’s the case, though, he might want to consider shutting this sh-t down soon. 

Because that ring camera story? 

I don’t know that it’s landing the way they were hoping it to. Like I read that story at TMZ about how Joe might have “caught” Sophie doing something that she wasn’t supposed to be doing and my first reaction was… WHY IS HE F-CKING SPYING ON HER?! 

Here's Joe out in New York last month. 

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