As Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gets ever closer and closer, we’re seeing some creative marketing at play. Not that the movie needs marketing, really. I mean, they’re going to make a f-ckload of money. The point, I guess, is to make ALL the money. So, yes, the standard ad campaigns are running but when you’re working with talent willing to use social media and create cute moments off of existing viral moments in support of the film, why not get that going too? 

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have developed a close bond, in front of and behind the camera over the last few years. As Sarah keeps saying in her posts about Star Wars, we WANT to see Finn and Poe on their adventures, we want to see them on the Falcon, bounding from solar system to solar system, escaping the jaws of space monsters and death. In real life, though, John knows, we want to see them on the carpet, holding each other as they embark on their final press tour. Give Twitter what it wants. 


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LOL at some of these clips of John gazing wistfully at Oscar and Oscar completely oblivious to John’s “longing”. But you know where I’m going next. You know why I love it so much. Because…

BB-8, that thirsty bitch, is not invited! And John even calls this out! 

Of course BB-8 is jealous! He’s jealous of Baby Yoda – because Baby Yoda and John and Oscar, anyone and anything that’s in the spotlight, means that he is not in the spotlight, beeping and blooping for all the attention. Stay in the background polishing R2-D2’s digital panels, famewhore! 

Oscar hasn’t reciprocated as yet but the Star Wars junket is happening this week. Seems like a good time to film and release the response to John’s heartfelt letter? 

Attached - John Boyega in New York last week promoting The Rise of Skywalker.