Dear Gossips,

It’s December 18 and the Academy has yet to announce a host or hosts for the Oscars. Last night though, some movement, perhaps. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Legend could do it. And not alone either. Is it possible that John AND Chrissy Teigen will host the Oscars together? 

John Legend said he and wife Chrissy Teigen haven’t ruled out hosting the Oscars.

“I feel like it’s a thankless job. Nobody really wins from hosting the Oscars,” Legend said at the Fred Segal Loves Ralph Lauren pop-up space on Monday. “It doesn’t really end up great for anybody ... I’m not saying we’re ruling it out.”
He spoke at the shop’s “A Legendary Shopping Night” with his LVE wine and Teigen's cookbook on hand, while his Christmas songs played at the Sunset Boulevard shop.

On Dec. 7, Teigen tweeted that she had not been asked to host the awards show and began naming suggestions like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ellen DeGeneres or Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  

"I like some of her suggestions. I thought they were cool," Legend told The Hollywood Reporter. He added that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Wanda Sykes would be two of his picks for the job, but didn’t say whether the Academy has asked him to host.

All of this is curious wording. He didn’t say if he’s been asked. But he does say they’re not ruling it out. Is that, like, a sort of bat-signal? I think I’m confusing my superhero references (Sarah’s probably slamming her head against the wall) because bat-signals are signs of distress. And obviously John and Chrissy are not in distress. I’m just wondering if they’re letting the Academy know that they’d be open to being considered. Like the subtlest of thirst traps. 

Whatever. John and Chrissy hosting the Oscars together is a great idea. A much better idea than Kevin Hart. And I stand by my idea that Drake is the best idea

Yours in gossip,