John Mayer asked David Foster on Instagram to hook him up with Erin Foster, his daughter. At least that’s what this looks like. But …John Mayer knows David Foster pretty well. He performed at David’s big birthday party last year. His daughters were there. It’s not like he would never have had the opportunity to meet Erin before. I would say, actually that he’s probably met her. More than once. So now I’m wondering if this isn’t actually John creeping on Erin but maybe like an inside, inside joke…because John’s already dating Erin? Just a theory. (Dlisted) 

Stop what you’re doing. It’s Friday. And if you’re still at work like I am, I know you need a break. Visiting this site probably counts as a your break…so let me make it better for you. Remember when Mark Ruffalo looked like…Jordan Knight?!? No? Me neither! But he did. And he’s showing us! We love Mark Ruffalo, right? Would we have loved Mark Ruffalo as a New Kid On The Block though? (Pajiba)

The scandal that Shania Twain is talking about involving Brad Pitt being naked with Gwyneth Paltrow – did you ever see those photos? I was obsessed with Brad and Gwyneth back then. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every photo of them ever published. And I remember these well. He was pretty average in the dick but ripped in the body. I mean Shania might not have been impressed but I was. (OMG Blog) 

Jaime King in a pair of jeans only she, and few others, could wear. But the Fug Girls are right about this photo. It’s a pap shot. So it’s not like it’s an actual pose for a photo shoot. And it kinda sort of is a photo shoot because she’s a model. And she knows the pap is there. And if a model knows anything it’s how to best present the clothes. The way she’s presenting these jeans is almost convincing me they’d look like that on me even though I know it’s impossible. (Go Fug Yourself) 

OMG cilantro. Have you ever had a cilantro food debate? Ina Garten is confirming that cilantro food debates are a thing. And there’s actually a scientific reason for it. Most people who engage in the cilantro food debate don’t know about the scientific explanation though. They just don’t think cilantro tastes good. I LOVE cilantro. My only problem with it is that you can never use up a whole bunch. At least not at my house. You know what there should be no debate about? Raisins. I will sh-t on raisins as much as I can I hate them so f-cking much. (Cele|bitchy) 

Are you ready for Sunday? This is the last post on the site before we find out what happens at the end of Game Of Thrones season 7. The music, however, might tell us something about what our last visit to Westeros for, possibly, a year and a half. Daenerys and Jon get their own porn soundtrack (this is how I choose to describe the description of their score) and, yep, Cersei gets her own version of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. Only her song is called No One Walks Away From Me. (Vanity Fair)