We have, over the years, enjoyed reporting on John Travolta’s hair. His hair has been spray-painted, shellacked, and the hairline has gone through some fascinating changes. The colour, for example, was so dark at one point, Elvis Presley would have been jealous. John was in Cannes last night with Kelly Preston and their kids to promote Gotti and to receive Variety’s first Cinema Icon Award. And… I think he’s finally found his best hair. It’s the perfect shade, look. It’s so perfect it perfectly matches his beard. The texture and the thickness too is fantastic. He knows it. JT, the original JT, is totally feeling himself. 

As you can see here, during 50 Cent’s performance.


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Right? There’s really nothing else to say. The movie comes out in June and will probably be ridiculous. Or maybe not. Maybe OG JT will surprise us all and his portrayal of John Gotti will take Hollywood by surprise. This Hollywood Reporter review doesn’t seem to support that but let’s not let that get in the way of this moment. Let the JT grooves  – and this, below – be your mood for the day: