And Halle Berry. New images from John Wick: Chapter 3 are out—oh, is that trailer coming soon, then?—and they show two sides of John Wick: Rainy John Wick and Dry John Wick. He’s looking a little worse for wear, sporting long hair and a struggle beard, and yet his suit is still pressed. I really admire the assassin’s world commitment to their aesthetic. Just look at Halle Berry. She is in a desert, and yet she is fully committed to her leather outfit. She’s like, I will shave my dogs so that they don’t overheat, but I, myself, will wear this fully leather outfit into a desert because bitch, I look good. (Apparently this is actually bad for dogs, so please don't shave them in the summer and consult your vet about your hairy beast. Thanks G!)

Halle Berry is playing “Sofia”, and I assume the dogs are hers because they match the detailing on her jacket. Again, commitment to aesthetic, OF COURSE the dogs are color coordinated. Also, these dogs better be safe. Nothing better happen to them. John Wick has scarred us all and now the subsequent movies have to make a point of showing us that all the dogs are okay. I am, frankly, a little worried that John Wick’s dog is not in this photo. I hope it’s because she is at a doggy spa, getting a doggy manicure and all the treats, because I swear to god if anything happens to these dogs...

But there is also a horse! Never forget this legendary moment.

More dogs, a horse—I think I have the plot of John Wick 3 figured out (the official title is John Wick 3: Parabellum, but “Parabellum” is a stupid word. I know it’s a type of gun, and that will probably have something to do with the story, but it’s still a stupid word). Obviously John Wick, cast out of the assassin world, has become an animal trainer. You cannot convince me that John Wick 3 is not about John Wick and the very good animals who love him. And if anything happens to these animals, we riot.


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Attached: Keanu Reeves filming John Wick 3 this past July in NYC.