Last week, Johnny Depp made a joke at Glastonbury about assassinating Donald Trump. Also his former managers, The Management Group, revealed in court documents that they were aware that he was allegedly abusing Amber Heard during their marriage. (Thanks for coming forward when it really mattered, TMG! It wasn’t like there was a woman being violently attacked in her own home or anything!)

So were you worried about Johnny Depp? Kathy Griffin pretty much lost all her jobs for making an assassination joke about Trump. Were you concerned that Johnny would maybe lose one job for making an assassination joke about Trump? Were you concerned that he would be shunned for abusing his ex-wife? Please. Johnny Depp is fine.

Here he is, as OK as ever, leaving a restaurant in London last night after a party. He has lost no jobs. In fact, he may even have picked up a new job since the assassination joke happened and the abuse allegations were detailed in TMG’s court documents. What a wonderful message this is about domestic violence and how unacceptable – or, rather, acceptable – it is in our culture.