Johnny Depp has been in Europe lately shooting a movie. A couple of weeks ago, he was seen boarding a private plane in Nice heading to Belgrade, surrounded by his usual entourage and there was also a young, attractive woman who was part of the group. In Belgrade, Johnny and the woman, still unidentified, were photographed kissing. Here are two shots from that set, shot on January 28 and only made available today. According to the photo agency, she is his girlfriend. 

She is beautiful, naturally. She is young, naturally. Did anyone actually expect Johnny to hook up with someone his age? Or even Vanessa Paradis’ age? Vanessa, by the way, was 40 when they split. He probably won’t be with anyone 40 again until he’s 80, which is in 25 years. So basically whoever that person will be is currently 15. 

Anyway, the story hasn’t gone wide yet but, probably, within a couple of hours, or by the time you read this, more of these pictures will be out there and Page Six will be able to tell us who she is, perhaps tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to find out how loving and dedicated Johnny is towards her. And how she’s renewed his sense of purpose, rescued him from despair, made him believe in possibility again after Amber Heard destroyed his faith in humanity because she had the audacity to not accept violence in their marriage. Until then, I’ll leave you with this petty-AF-but-I’m-here-for-it headline from Forbes from a few weeks ago: “Amber Heard’s Aquaman Has Outgrossed Every Johnny Depp Movie”.